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Flute Boot Camp Manual Fingering Charts The Lyric Flutist Flute Boot™ Camps
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2015 Editor's Choice Award

2015 Music Publication Association's
Paul Revere Award

Click Here to purchase the Flute Boot Camp Manual Now!

Tracy Harris' Flute Boot™ Camp Manual, now for sale! If you give boots, are a flute teacher, or don't have a teacher and need guidance, this is a short and sweet book filled with tons of pics from which you can teach either a boot or just plain flute and flute sections. Developed over 25 years from Tracy's exclusive Flute Boots™, and vetted with the best flutists in the industry!

Special Announcement: The Flute Boot Manual - A Universal Flute and Piccolo Guide is now the recipient of a The Music Publishing Association's Prestigious Paul Revere Award! These Awards are bestowed in recognition of outstanding examples of overall music publishing. The MPA creates an exhibit of all of the winning publications, and then tours are held over the following year to libraries, schools, and other institutions around the country.

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Fingering Charts by Tracy Harris

Presenting the only fingering charts a flutist will need for every stage of development on his or her instrument.  Not only do they provide a basic understanding of fingerings on the flute, but they also include Tracy's own alternate fingerings through a full 3 1/2 octave range. 

The Fingering Charts are available in two sizes: one for wall displays (14" x 36") and another for individual use that can easily become the young musician's best friend.
(9" x 22.5") Click Here to Purchase the Fingering Charts

The Trill Chart is a complete chart of all flute trills, in all registers, and is as artistically appealing as it is practical.  Not only does it provide a handy guide to trills through all registers of the flute, it includes Tracy's own alternate fingerings that she uses and teaches in her own studio.  Available in a large size for wall displays (Single Sided 27" x 27" ) and a smaller size that students can fold and carry in their backpack or concert band folder.
(Double Sided 9" x 18") Click Here to purchase the trill chart now.

The Tracy Harris Flute Fingering Charts are available in two sizes: 14" x 36"

The Lyric Flutist

Drawing inspiration from some of the greatest melodies in music history, composer Todd Harris has fashioned this collection that will quickly become a repertoire favorite among flutists for years to come.  Lyric gems from J.S. Bach to Chopin through Debussy and Faure have been carefully chosen to showcase the expressive qualities of the instrument.  A stellar volume for the soloist, this is made even more appealing with the inclusion of a second flute part from Harris' own hand. These are moments of breathtaking beauty that are welcome in the studio, recital, concert or adjudications for the developing artist.

Click Here to purchase the Lyric Flutist.

Tracy Harris Flute Boot™ Camps

Book your flute boot today! Learn Tracy's Top Ten Tricks To Prepare A Section Of Flutists For A Winning Marching, Concert Band Or Orchestra Season With Tracy's Flute Boot™ Camps. Piccolo too!Students learn the Top Ten Techniques to better flute/piccolo playing from renowned Yamaha Performing Artist Tracy Harris in one of her special one or two-day intensive and fun Flute/Piccolo Boot Camps.   

Click Here to Visit the Official Tracy Harris Flute Boot Camp Site for complete information and to sign up!. Boots are for students from Middle School level to High School Level. Flute Boots are open to students only.

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